By Lewis Gould

Some dopes in the local lame-ass media think Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford owes an apology to his mates for his brain fart of a holdout.

But the quarterback’s teammates will hear none of that!.

“If I’m cool with it, then everybody should be cool with it,” No. 1 receiver Jordan Matthews told the Inky. “I’m still running for his butt. You know what I’m saying? Look, if I want to be here, and I’m happy with it, and we can go out there and just compete, that’s all I want to focus on. That’s all that matters.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise for some in the Eagles’ locker room to feel scorned that the starting quarterback wanted out after the team positioned itself to draft Carson Wentz for the future. Yet many Philly players simply saw it as Bradford handling his business.

“I think you learn it after Year 2 when you see … first-round draft picks get cut. You see each week they’re working out new guys. You see veterans that are franchise players get cut,” safety Malcolm Jenkins said. “You realize nobody is safe in the business. And that’s what it is: a business.”

The Eagles continue to insist Bradford is their starter for 2016. To the players in the locker room, winning now — not in the future — is at the forefront of their mind.

“Whoever our first-string quarterback against Cleveland is, is who we will put all our chips on the table for,” tight end Zach Ertz said. “I’m not going to go run routes any less for Sam or Carson because I’m worried about the future of this team. I’m worried about winning games. You look at it from an organization standpoint. We don’t even have a first-round pick next year. So we’re not focused on the future.”

While most backed Bradford, surely some looked cockeyed at the highly paid quarterback trying to force his way to Denver, unsuccessfully. In the end there is only one recourse for Bradford to sway the doubters and fans: W-I-N.

“Everything is forgiven if you win,” Matthews said. “It helps that Sam is the way he is. He’s quiet. He’s calm. … For Sam, with his whole situation, if you want to fix it, go out there and win.”


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