Richards (left) and Carter with the 2012 Stanley Cup, won by the Kings a year after the Flyers traded them

By Art Beitchman, DOCBLOG

About a week ago the Los Angeles Kings won a seventh game against the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and three ex-Flyers — Justin Williams, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards — brought the Kings back with big-time goals, powering the Kings into the conference finals against the Chicago Blackhawks.

And then three nights ago, the Kings stunned the Hawks by scoring six straight goals in their 6-2 victory in Game 2. Five came in the third period, three scored by Carter, who added an assist, but he downplayed his hat trick, saying: “It was a good period, but didn’t really have to do too much.”

It must be particularly galling to Flyers fans still tuning in to the Cup playoffs, since the Flyers current problems stem from an abysmal lack of scoring as the competition got better, as in Philly’s seven-game lost to the Rangers in this year’s first-round playoff series. The Three Kings aren’t having that problem, only they are scoring for LA!!!

The Flyers got rid of these players, and their scoring punch, now they are sitting home as the Stanley Cup Playoffs continue for other teams.

When the Flyers traded Carter three summers ago, the official line was that he and Richards spent too much time in Old City bars and that somehow affected their play. Naturally the suck-up local media bought that hook line and sinker. It was a monumental blunder, and the Flyers are paying the price every time he suits up for the LA Kings.

Either The Three Kings have gone on the wagon, or perhaps LA’s management — unlike the Flyers’ stuck-in-the-past execs — only cares about that they do on the ice.

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