By Annie Ross

Villanova’s national championship coach Jay Wright is getting used to be asked about NBA offers after the Cats’ title game win over North Carolina on April 4.

And yesterday, on the Fanatic, he talked about the offers:

“[Having NBA offers and attention] is uncomfortable, but it’s not anything you expect anyone to feel sorry for you about. It’s a nice position to be in but it’s uncomfortable. The good thing about the NBA situation is … the basketball world is small.

So all these NBA situations, you know all the guys. You know all the GMs, you know the Presidents, so it’s a quick call. “Hey, what do you think would you be interested?” And you just say “Nah, I wanna stay at Villanova.” There’s no dealings with agents or anything, we know all these guys. So that hasn’t been a problem.

It’s more in the media that every time that comes out we gotta call our recruits and be like “nah nah nah” … What’s become difficult is we’re from Philly and we’ve been here for 15 years and there’s a lot of charities we work with and people we’ve worked with for a long time, and they have ideas of things they can do to help their charity and you wanna do it, but there’s just so many but you still gotta do your job … You don’t ever wanna get away from doing your job because of all these new opportunities coming to you, but nothing to complain about.”

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