By Max Harper

Ron Jaworski has been a demigod in Philly ever since he came to town and quarterbacked the Eagles to the 1981 Super Bowl.

In which he sucked, throwing three picks as the Raiders won.

However, he has a special place in our hearts because of his accomplishments.

And he is an analyst good enough to have been hired by ESPN to do Monday Night Football in 2007 and 2008.

He rarely if ever criticizes an Eagles.

Which is why these quotes from an interview on NBCSP about QB Jalen Hurts caught our attention:

“I do not see the ceiling that high for him. I see a competent quarterback. I see a guy that’s going to play solid football for 10 years in this league.

“But do you want to be 10-7, 9-8, who do you want to be? What’s your record? Do you want to be a .500 team? Or do you want to be a Super Bowl team?

“I thought throughout the season, Jalen Hurts played solid football. The playoff game caused me pause. There were opportunities that were left on the field by the quarterback.

“So, now, hey, I love a lot of the things he does. He’s still a young, developing quarterback.

“I’ll leave that up to Howie and Nick to make that decision what they want to do.

“But you don’t go backwards with Hurts, he’s a solid NFL quarterback. But is the ceiling up here? I’m having a hard time buying into that.”

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