By Peter Gleason

Ron Jaworski is well know to Eagles fans as the quarterback who came up short in the 1981 Super Bowl, which the Eagles lost to the Oakland Raiders.

And,, because ESPN has conferred on him “wise man” status everyone listens to him.

The trouble is that Jaws is as fickle as the weather.

One day, the Eagles are the best team in the NFL, the next day they are awful.

Same thing with his view of Birds coach Chip Kelly, whom he believes was seriously out-coached last Sunday night by Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys.

“With everything on the line, in that situation, it was crunch time, Jaworski said on the Fanatic. ” [The Cowboys] had a package that they knew would work at the time. I’m going to say categorically, the Eagles’ coaching staff was out-coached by the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff.”

Kelly has developed a reputation across the league for being one of the great offensive innovators and his reliance on sports science is taking foot around the league. Jaworski, though, took aim at those very methods that have helped the Eagles build a 19-11 record under Kelly’s watch.

“This isn’t about milkshakes,” Jaworski said. “This isn’t about uptempo. This isn’t about music at practice. This is about having the courage and the will with the game on the line to make plays. Against the Cowboys, the Eagles fell short.”

The Eagles have struggled against NFC playoff caliber opponents this season,losing to the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals. Those losses put Kelly and company in a position where they need to beat the Washington Redskins andNew York Giants and get help from other teams just to back into the postseason after entering last Sunday night’s game atop the NFC East standings.

Jaworski said he thinks that the loss to Dallas could be a perspective changer for Kelly and his staff.

“Maybe this was a learning moment for Chip Kelly and his staff,” Jaworski said. “To be an elite football team, to be a championship caliber football team, this is when you have to perform. With the game on the line.”

Or maybe the Eaglee just don’t have enough talent.

Ever think that might be the reason, oh “wise man”, why the Eagles lose to elite teams?

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