By Max Harper

In an interview with GQ Sports, retired Eagles center Jason Kelce admits that he has drops a ton of weight since hanging ’em up.

When asked if he exited the NFL in a good place, health-wise, the former center admits that while he suffered some wear and tear to his body, but is still able to play with his kids and “fully enjoy life.”

However, Kelce says he still hopes to drop some weight, as he weighed 295 pounds for the majority of his 13-year career with the Eagles.

“I look forward to losing some of those pounds. I don’t want to get too small,” he explained.

“I think a lot of guys, especially offensive linemen, they lose too much weight, and then they look like bobbleheads because their neck gets so small, but their head stays the same size. So for me, I feel like for some reason, 250 to 260 feels like I’ll be still big and be happy with the way I look without having a six-pack. But I’ll still be able to have that stature a little bit.”

“Right now, I’m about 277. I’m almost 20 pounds down right now,” Kelce continued.

“It’s hard to imagine another nearly 20 pounds coming off, being honest with you. But my back already feels better. My knees already feel better. So another 20 pounds hopefully will make that much more adept at playing with my children.”

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