By Michael Bennett

The Eagles sure miss the talent and attitude of edge rusher Chris Long, who played a vital part in the 2018 Super Bowl championship.

He’s retired, but he follows the Bids closely, and in the latest episode of his Green Light podcast, Long dished and wasn’t shy about what he thinks of this team, and why it’s gone bad:

“It is time to panic.


“Even if they got the win [vs. the Bengals], it’s not a good football team. If they’d won that ballgame, I’m still feeling the same way about this team.


“The roster has fallen off, really suddenly. It’s compounded by being the most snakebit team in football, when it comes to injuries. I get that. Reagor, DeSean, Goedert yesterday – they’ve gone youth, and the youth hasn’t stayed healthy. I know I’m biased, I’m the old guy who moved on and it might sound like sour grapes. I’m only airing this out because I’m analyzing the game. You know? 2017 was f***ing lightning in a bottle, and that’s maybe magic we can only recreate. We didn’t build to that. I say we, I wasn’t there before. We didn’t build to that, it just happened. Then there was a regression to the mean, and now it looks like the window’s kind of closed. They’re not a good football team right now.”

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