Dwayne Johnson, famous for his stage name “The Rock,” a former professional wrestler in the US, has teamed up with his ex-wife Dany Garcia to purchase the XFL football league.

The famed Hollywood Star is on a mission to buy the league assets from Alpha Entertainment, founded by Vince McMahon, the WWE CEO. This is going to be interesting for all the sportsbooks around the world.

According to Johnson, the agreement of the purchase worth 15 million dollars was between him, Dany and investment firm, RedBird Capital. RedBird Capital is a private firm founded by Gerry Cardinale, a former Goldman Sachs partner, involved with sport-related business.

In his statement released on his social media pages, Johnson purchased the XFL for the love of the American football. The deal makes him and his multi-million partners co-owners of the league. The deal will, however, need to be approved by the court in an August hearing. If this goes through, the purchase will be completed towards the end of the month.

In a statement, the XFL president Jeff Pollock, who admittedly agreed that the league was headed to a bankruptcy auction, referred to the deal as a “Hollywood ending.” The XFL president said that the attempt to relaunch the league had been halted by the COVID 19 pandemic. The league filed for bankruptcy in April 2020, after laying off most of its employees. After playing only five games earlier this year, the XFL league was forced to call off the rest of the season following the pandemic. Although there is no mention of when the NFL will return, it is expected to kick off its next season this fall despite the coronavirus concerns.

Johnson said that the acquisition of the league with his partners who he referred to as talented was an investment that was deeply rooted in his passion for the game and his desire to take care of the soccer fans.

He added, “With the pride of what I have built with my hands, I look forward to applying the callouses to the league and create something new for everyone focused on the love of football.”

Before becoming a top-rated WWE wrestler, Johnson was an American football star at the University of Miami.