Earth to Tannenwald: To compare the Union’s chances to win a title to the Eagles Super Bowl championship four years ago is a great reason no one takes the Inky seriously.

By Wendy Burke

The Union have been at it in the MLS since 2010.

And, while they have just started to catch fire, the Inky’s Jonathan Tannenwald has been a major supporter.

You would not be wrong to call him a butt boy for the Union and soccer in general.

Even though soccer is still a niche sport in the USA and Philly, which is where we live.

Even though the Flyers should be relegated to the minors because they are so bad, in this town the pecking order is Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and Union.

Here’s an example of his butt boy-ism:

Right now, it looks like the Union are the best hope for the first local pro sports title since the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

If that sounds crazy to you, know that the other teams’ issues are part of the reasons why.

(Are you totally convinced by the Phillies’ bullpen?)

But there are some actual reasons why the Union could — could, to be clear — win it all.


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