By Mike Bennett

The Eagles are a well-deserved 7-point fave against the Giants Saturday night at the Linc in the divisional playoff at the Linc.

Philly is a better team and has more talent.

The Giants seem like upstarts.

But that’s what the Vikes thought yesterday until they lost at home.

Plus, the Eagles have injuries to key players like quarterback Jalen Hurts and right tackle Lane Johnson.

So, if you think the Birds are a lock to beat Big Blue and advance to the NFC title game, think again.

Here’s how Ian O’Connor of the New York Post positions it:

The Super Bowl is in play now as a reachable, honest-to-God goal. If you are a Giants fan, nothing has ever sounded so completely crazy and perfectly reasonable at the same time.

It’s crazy because this franchise is supposed to be in the early hours of a rebuild with a rookie head coach and a roster seemingly littered with more potholes than the Cross Bronx Expressway.

It’s reasonable because the Giants just beat a 13-4 division champ in its own building in the first round of the playoffs, setting up a rematch with the top-seeded Eagles in Philadelphia, where the home team struggled to beat the Giants’ walk-ons last week.

“We’re back,” Giants co-owner John Mara told The Post in the middle of a jubilant U.S. Bank Stadium locker room after his six seed beat the third-seeded Vikings, 31-24.

“We’re worried about Philadelphia, that’s going to be a huge challenge for us,” he responded. “I’m not going to make any predictions beyond that, believe me.”

But if the Giants are indeed “back,” doesn’t that mean the players believe they can go the distance?

“I think they believe that,” Mara agreed, “so who knows?”

That’s right, who knows? The Eagles are absolutely expected to send Jones & Co. home for the winter.

But a lot of things that are expected in the NFL — like the going 5-12 this year — never come to pass.

Ask the Vikings about that while they’re busy packing up their gear and planning their getaways to a distant golf course or beach.

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