By Art Beitchman

Losing to the New York Giants last Sunday 27-17 just confirms the Eagles’ season is getting worse, almost to the point of no return.

Franchise QB Carson Wentz’s inexplicable decline in 2020 is the overriding problem — he’s pulling down $30M a year to shore up the position for years to come, so one must ask what the hell is going on out there!

Barring a sudden turnaround of fortunes next Sunday versus the Browns, the front office must seriously contemplate inserting rookie QB Jalen Hurts to jump start this team, win or lose. Let’s see why they drafted this guy with a 2nd round pick! Wentz just looks shot from the neck up, going 0-9 on 3rd drowns vs. NY is just one measure, being wild with throws all afternoon is another!

The defense sucked too, having no answers for Giants QB Daniel Jones, who gashed them for 34 yards in the 1st quarter, he did the same in game 1 at the Linc.

It might be time to draft some linebackers who play, rather than going for the best scrap heap special of the day.

This squad has a lot of work to do, they will travel to Cleveland next Sunday, November 22 to take on the Browns, 1pm/Fox



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