By Steve Kelly

So, let’s see where the Eagles stand this morning after losing to the Pats yesterday:

They are 5-5 and still have a shot on paper to win the NFC East, which they trail by a game.

But games are won on grass and mud, not paper.

So, it’s a grim prospect to make the playoffs since only one NFC East team will likely make the postseason, and the Cowboys have the 6-4 whip hand.

Not to mention a tie-break advantage over the Birds.

The Eagles were behind the 8 ball with Jeffery and Howard out, then right tackle Lane Johnson (above) and left tackle Jason Peters left the game.

Then running back Miles Sanders missed nearly half of the fourth quarter with an injury.

But this one was lost when coach Doug Pederson abandoned the game plan. The Eagles averaged 4.8 yards per carry in the first half and scored 10 points early, but Pederson decided to get pass happy with a wide receiver unit that had six catches for 75 yards.


The Eagles ran the ball just twice in the first half after the Dallas Goedert touchdown, averaging four yards per carry, and just seven times for 18 yards in the second half.

Just nine running plays to 34 pass plays after the touchdown, against a defense that allowed 5.6 yards per carry over the last six games.

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