By Mark Gallagher

Yesterday marked the end of the Eagles somewhat quixotic quest for another Super Bowl title.

And it almost certainly brought to an end the 11-year Philly career of future Hall of Fame left tackle Jason Peters (above right with center Jason Kelce).

His contract is about to expire, and the Eagles used the 22nd choice in last spring’s draft on offensive tackle Andre Dillard.

Peters, though, said he plans to play at least one more season and probably two.

If the Eagles don’t want him, Peters appears ready to move on.

“I still got juice in the tank,” Peters told the Inky. “Whether they sign me back here or not, I’m going to play another year, or two. I want to set the bar for other guys to come, instead of getting pushed out of the game — if you can still play at an older age — Tom Brady, I can name some guys — if you can still go, why not open the door for the guys behind you?

“That’s what I want to do. I got all the accolades, the All-Pros, the Pro Bowls, the Super Bowl. As long as I can play, I’m gonna go.”

Peters, who turns 38 in two weeks, played 13 games this season, seeing action on 75 percent of the plays. He has not made the Pro Bowl since 2016.

He would prefer to remain with the Eagles, where he has spent the past 11 seasons, but that isn’t in his control.

“I told them I wanted to play another year. I still can get it done,” Peters said. “If I couldn’t get it done, I’d just walk away, but I can still go.

“I want to be here, but the nature of this business, sometimes they move on. We’ll have to see.”

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