By Max Harper

Let’s be perfectly honest.

Because the Eagles have not.

And will not.

On the issue of Jalen Hurts shoulder injury, suffered against the Bears at Soldier Field, coach Nick Sirianni and the Eagles Disinformation Network have shaded the truth.

And, in some cases, totally lied.

And they were helped by the local lame-ass media which went along:

“Oh sure, Jalen could have played against the Cowboys and the Saints. But he’s being held out out of an abundance of caution.”

Which, technically, was true.

But, considering how average Hurts looked when he actually did play in last Sunday’s must-win-to-clinch game against the Giants, there is no way Hurts could have played against Dallas and New Orleans.

In the wake of the Damar Hamlin’s cardiac event and the coverage of it and its aftermath, the Eagles disinformation about Hurts’ injury seems prosaic.

But it is worth examining as the Eagles take the week off that they have earned before starting the NFL playoff tournament on Jan 21 or Jan 22.

Sirianni said this week he does not know whether Hurts will have lingering pain in his shoulder throughout the playoffs. But with their win over the Giants on Sunday, the Eagles clinched the No. 1 seed in the NFC, so they have a bye this week.

“I’m not sure I can answer that question,” Sirianni said, via video from the team.

“We are fortunate that we have two weeks until the next time we play. So, we’re fortunate there. He’s going to be a little bit more healthy than when he was obviously the other day.”

Hurts sprained his right shoulder in a Dec. 18 win over the Bears. He missed two games and probably would have sat out Sunday’s game had the Eagles not gone 0-2 without him.

They did not have the luxury of resting him against the Giants, needing to win to secure the top seed.

Hurts went 20-of-35 for 229 yards with an interception and ran for 13 yards on nine carries.

“He came out sore as expected,” Sirianni said.

“He came out of that game sore, because it’s still healing. We didn’t feel like we’re putting him at any more risk of getting more injured, but we knew it was going to hurt him like hell, and he knew it was going to hurt him like hell. But that’s kind of player he is; that’s the kind of teammate he is. He fought through it, because it was important for him to be out there, and he knew how important it was him and to his teammates for him to be out there.”

All sports teams have an incentive to fudge the truth about injuries.

You can’t give up too much info so that your next opponent can scheme for a back-up.

The National Hockey League started the trend with “lower body” and “upper body” injuries.

As if they couldn’t identify an arm or a leg.

But this is the NFL, the biggest league in the USA and one which guards itself like the CIA.

And now that legalized sports betting has entered into the mix, the league is very careful not to give up too much info.

But really.

Jalen Hurts is a great player with a pain threshold approaching Superman’s.

But how about a little honesty.

Would that hurt?

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