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Exactly why Jeffrey Lurie suddenly thinks he is “the quarterback whisperer” is beyond me, but if a recent ESPN report is true he appears to be the latest rich guy who concludes that because your family once made enough money for you to buy a football team that means you know something about football.

Owners know about business. They don’t know about football, with the exception years ago of Al Davis, George Halas and maybe Wellington Mara. Carolina Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson once PLAYED pro football but was smart enough to know making a fortune in the fast-food business did not make him a judge of football talent.

For many years Lurie was a behind-the-scenes owner who let Andy Reid run things. And they did quite well. They never won a Super Bowl but they were a consistent playoff team without much input from the boss.

Then a couple years ago they finally won it all with a backup quarterback playing well over his head after the apparent future of the franchise, Carson Wentz, went down with an injury.

Ever since then, it seems, Lurie has cultivated the growing misconception that he knows enough about pro-football talent evaluation to make decisions about his quarterback.

The result of this has been a deteriorating relationship with Wentz and also with the coach who led the Eagles to that Super Bowl victory. Wentz is now gone, Doug Pederson is gone and, according to an ESPN report, Lurie has ordered his new coach and his old general manager NOT to put the young quarterback he has fallen in love with into a competitive situation next season.

Lurie and much of Philadelphia seem to have fallen for second-year quarterback named Jalen Hurts, who Lurie insisted the Eagles draft in the second round last year despite the fact that Wentz was signed to a huge contract and Hurts was not the highest-rated player on Philadelphia’s draft board at the time.

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