By Peter Gleason

Now that he has finished on top of the Eagles’ power structure in what must be considered a bloodless coup, Howie Boy Roseman has been forced to explain his fantasy-football-on-steroids personnel moves.

And Howie Boy has told that recent deals for Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz and Vinny Curry wouldn’t preclude the team for doing even more deals.

That helps, since they have to decide if they want to keep quarterback Sam Bradford, and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is in line for a raise.

“Yes,” Roseman said. “Yes, we have the flexibility to sign other players. Obviously, there’s a limitation to how much you can do, the totality of it, but we do have room and we do still have flexibility.”

The Eagles have over $7 million in adjustments carried over from this year, on top of whatever the cap rises to this offseason. They also have some possibly expendable veterans such as DeMeco Ryans and Riley Cooper and Mark Sanchez, if they want to create more room.

“We’ll have the flexibility to make decisions on players here,” Roseman told CSN’s Reuben Frank. “Can we [sign] five or six guys? Those are high numbers. Historically, teams can pay somewhere between 10 or 11 guys [large contracts]. And it depends how much they’re paying those guys, so you have to take that into account and you have to also take into account where you’re going to be next year, where you’re going to be three years from now.

“The flip side of that too is you also want to have some guys, when you look three years from now that are under contract, that you’re paying. I think that all comes into the equation.”

The Eagles have traditionally tried to lock up young players, even if they are with dealsthose guys end up hating. And with Cox entering the option year of his rookie deal and Bradford a pending free agent, the Eagles have some big-ticket items to deal with as well.


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