By Rick Anderson

It feels like an eternity since the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018.

As we enter the 2021 offseason, quite a few holes are missing from that team.

The head coach? Gone.

The franchise quarterback that played like an MVP during the regular season? Gone.

The general manager remains, but he could be gone very soon.

The fan base is angry beyond words yet they still will remain loyal to their dedicated Eagles.

In the end, the situation with Carson Wentz didn’t end the way that many had hoped.

It was just a little under two years ago that Wentz signed a max deal to stay with the franchise that once took him No. 2 overall. Now that Wentz is gone, who can we blame?

Not even a BetMGM Mi bonus code would be enough for a fan to want to put any money down on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl this year. Even if Wentz would have stayed, the Eagles would have been fighting to be a .500 team. How did things with Wentz get so bad though?

Injuries are the easy target but the relationship between Wentz and ownership has been deteriorating for a while now. Somewhere along the line, the trust between Wentz, GM Howie Roseman, and owner Jeffery Lurie, was broken. When looking at the timeline, selecting Jalen Hurts with the 53rd overall pick might have been the first domino to fall.

Broken trust

When a team drafts a quarterback in the first two rounds, it normally means that they are going to want to move in a different direction. We saw that happen with the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love last year. The only difference is that Aaron Rodgers went out and won an MVP, while Wentz appeared to be disgruntled.

Wentz lost faith in the organization that once had faith in him. It showed on the field and it led to Hurts eventually becoming the full-time starter. Wentz finished last season with 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. For most fantasy owners that thought this was going to be the year of the turnaround, he was a massive disappointment. Management didn’t think that drafting Hurts would affect Wents. They were wrong.

Fresh start

The Indianapolis Colts acquired Wentz for a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional second-round pick that could result in a first-round pick. The Eagles are going to take on an NFL-record of $33.82 million in dead money. Everything about this situation is embarrassing on Philly’s end, including waiting on trading Wentz and not taking the first offer they got when a first-round pick was on the table.

Wentz is only 28 years old, so he has plenty of prime years left in the tank. The Colts have a better offensive line. Frank Reich was the Eagles offensive coordinator and helped guide Wentz to a season where he tossed 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. Wentz has all the reason to have sunny pastures, but he is mentally ready to open a new chapter? That remains to be unseen.

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