Says the Hockey Writers:

The pro sports world is inherently exclusive and insular, but there may not be many pro sports franchises out there as insular as the Flyers.

The team is now in its 52nd year. The two men who currently hold the reins behind its hockey operations have been part of its history, whether as players, coaches or executives, for all but three of those years.

President Paul Holmgren (above) and executive vice president Bob Clarke:

Both former players have displayed incredible resiliency and staying power with the organization.

Both have left and returned multiple times, and both have been awarded higher posts after being relieved of duties in another role.

Hundreds of players and dozens of front office and managerial staff members have come and gone since Clarke was first drafted in 1969.

Since then, 1993-94 was the only complete season that neither he nor Holmgren was employed by the franchise.

As the Flyers amble through a lost season towards what looks like their 12th missed playoff appearance and 43rd straight season without a Stanley Cup, here’s the timeline of the duo’s enduring involvement over the years:

Timeline of Paul Holmgren, Bob Clarke and the Flyers

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