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Online games are the biggest part of the entertainment industry, and they have a significant impact on the world overall. Today, we have massive e-sports events where professional players compete in these online games, and the younger audience really enjoys spectating gaming competitions. Some of the most profitable or successful games are created by EA, and the best-selling title is without a doubt FIFA.

After all, football is the most popular sport in the world, and it makes sense for a title like FIFA to have so many fans. However, this isn’t a one-way street. Football does affect the sales of certain games, but certain online games also affect how football is played today. Here we will examine this relationship.

Increasing Interest in Sport

One of the main impacts games have is increased interest in sports. Lots of kids who start to play FIFA awaken a passion for football, and even start training in real life. In fact, current superstars or athletes also love to play FIFA and can spend hours on their PlayStation or Xbox. Lionel Messi, Gerard Piqué, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic enjoy playing FIFA online, and other similar games.

Another great example is Alex Iwobi who got advice from his trainer at the start of his career. Alex didn’t know who the most formidable players on the opposing team were, and his trainer said that he should remember who are the best players in FIFA.

Athletes and Online Casino Games

It’s not uncommon for athletes to get injured and during their recovery period, they also focus on gaming. These don’t have to be sports titles, they can even be casino games, as these can help them keep their minds sharp. Lots of football stars love to play poker, blackjack, and from time to time slots. Since all of these are available online they don’t have to leave their homes, and they also get to enjoy different casino bonuses. They can even get free spins for C$1, and avoid spending too much money, but they usually love to bet big. After all, famous athletes do have lots of disposable income and can afford big losses, but for a newbie who is just at the start of their career, these online casino bonuses come in handy.

Sponsorship Deals

Online games are played all over the world and generate a lot of profits. Companies that make this content are always looking to promote new releases, and football players are great brand ambassadors. This means athletes have more career options, they don’t have to be pressured into agreements they don’t like or fear for the future. They can still have influence and stay relevant even after their sports career is over.

Additionally, game companies and gambling operators often sponsor soccer clubs or whole teams. This allowed for the sport to grow overall, and to become more spectacular. Right now over half of the Premier League teams have gambling sponsors, and they managed to use those resources to increase the quality of the events. In fact, there is such a strong synergy between sports, video games, and gambling that these have become inseparable nowadays.

FIFA and PES are not the only football-related games that are played all over the world. There is great interest in fantasy sports and in so-called manager games. These don’t inspire passion in soccer directly, but rather in its management side. Many people dream of becoming a manager and improving their favorite team.

This is another important aspect and we have seen teams recover from a streak of bad seasons, only due to improvements in the management department. Being able to call the right shots, and spot a new talented player who is compatible with other teammates is a massive boon for just about any club.


Video games are a work of art, and it takes a lot of time and skill to craft a perfect virtual experience. These experiences can spark our competitive side and will to improve which are both incredibly important for great athletes. They are also amazing at allowing us to relax, vent, or have a cathartic experience, and that’s really beneficial for our psyche. Therefore, it’s not surprising at all for online games to have this much of an impact on the biggest sport in the world.

Mila Roy is a professional writer and editor, who works as a content strategist at Gamblizard. Mila specializes in covering topics related to games, e-sports, and online gambling. She enjoys good thriller and horror movies and loves to go camping and explore the great outdoors with her family and friends.

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