By Melody Miller

The Eagles and GM Howie Roseman are getting universal A-grades for their NFL draft performance that netted primo wideout AJ Brown in a trade and several players in the actual draft that can play right away.

NBC NFL guru Peter King agrees:

The momentum swing in Philadelphia in 16 months for Roseman has been incredible.

After the dismantling of the Super Bowl team was complete 15 months ago, he was reviled.

But when I was checking out of my Rittenhouse Square hotel Friday morning, I got into a conversation with my bellman in which he spoke these words:

“Man, Howie’s doing a great job.”

For the moment, that’s undeniable.

For today, it’s good news for the Eagles. GM Howie Roseman is very good at getting what he wants. In this case, as he told me after the first round near midnight Thursday, “A.J. was a DNA match with us. He was exactly what we were looking for in a receiver, and he matched out culture.” Competitive, feisty, physical, totally unafraid of a street fight. Very Philly. Roseman had to get the compensation right with Tennessee GM Jon Robinson before moving on to do a contract. That compensation was first- and third-round picks (18th and 101st overall) for Brown. Clean. They agreed at midday Thursday, and then the Eagles engaged Brown’s agents.

Roseman has a knack for doing something most GMs don’t do.

When he really wants something, he figures a way to go get it. The Eagle were in the gutter after giving up on Carson Wentz and firing Doug Pederson in early 2021.

But look at the results.

The Wentz trade netted the Eagles the mid-first-round draft capital they needed, plus a third-rounder, to land Brown. Will Hurts win the job for good this year?

Maybe, but if he doesn’t, Philly has two first-round picks next year to be in position in a potentially strong QB draft season to move around to get a quarterback.

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