By Tom Brennan

This has been a head-turning week in the life of the Eagles and one-time Golden Boy Quarterback Carson Wentz.

The conventional wisdom, which is wrong more often than right, was that the Birds hired former-Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni to replace sacked head coach Doug Pederson because he could fix Wentz.

This ridiculous conclusion was reached because the Colts head coach, Frank Reich, was Philly’s OC when Wentz was great:

Back before he wrecked his knee in 2017, broke his back in 2018 and took a monumental hit in the 2020 playoffs that seemed to leave him in a fog during the 2020 season.

And by the end of this week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter was tweeting up a storm that the Eagles were not only shopping Wentz but he named the teams that had called with interest.

First among those teams, evidently, was the Indy Colts, whose QB Philip Rivers is retiring and whose former QB Andrew Luck ain’t walking through the door from retirement.

The Eagles salary-cap picture sucks because boy wonder GM Howie Roseman way overpaid Wentz.

They would get killed on dead salary cap money if they trade Wentz.

If they do trade him, the financial burden for the team that acquires Wentz is not really prohibitive, according to The Athletic.

The important thing is to ignore the overall $128 million value of the contract he signed in 2019. That’s not what matters here.

If Wentz is traded before the third day of the 2021 NFL calendar in March – when he is due a $10 million roster bonus – here is what his new team would be looking at:

Because of the bonuses that have already been paid by the Eagles, Wentz would average $23.7 million over the next two seasons for an acquiring team. By the 2023 and ’24 seasons, all of the guaranteed money will have been paid and the team would have no obligation to Wentz if he was released. If he’s on the roster, he’ll average $25.5 million in the final two seasons of the contract.

But let’s put the numbers in perspective. The $23.7 million in salary that Wentz would average during the next two seasons would not even rank among the top 15 quarterback salaries of 2020 in terms of average per year.

If you consider the teams that have been linked to Wentz – the Colts, Bears, Panthers and Patriots, among them – Indianapolis has, by far, the healthiest salary-cap situation. You would need to have significant cap space or the ability to easily create that space to even entertain this deal. The Colts, who have the second-most available cap space in the NFL (roughly $65 million), could accommodate Wentz’s contract without any adjustment.

And they’d still be spending significantly less at quarterback than they did in 2020 when Philip Rivers and Jacoby Brissett accounted for around $40 million in salary between them.

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