By Max Harper

No media outlet in this town has been tougher on Eagles GM Howie Roseman than us.

He’s a boy wonder who doesn’t have the skill set to determine talent if a college player’s talent can make the leap to the NFL.

And that’s a quality all the great NFL GM’s have.

But he has one great quality that has served him well.

He is the master of bullshit.

And Peter King of NBC Sports breaks it down exquisitely:

The Eagles have the 15th pick in the first round.

The Dolphins have the 29th.

It could have been reversed.

Before the draft last year, Miami traded up from 12th overall to get the sixth pick—to take receiver Jaylen Waddle, as it turned out—and Philadelphia acquired a first-round pick in 2022 in return. But Miami had two first-round picks in ’22. Which one would be sent?

Miami had its 2022 first-rounder, and one from San Francisco in the trade the Niners made to draft Trey Lance third overall.

Last spring, I talked to both GM Chris Grier and then-coach Brian Flores, and I was left with the distinct impression that Eagles GM Howie Roseman was insistent that the Eagles have their choice of the two Miami 2022 first-rounders.

Roseman gets his share of guff as Eagles GM, and some is deserved. But by apparently holding firm on which pick he wanted a year later, his call was prescient. A 14-spot difference in the first round is big. Think of it this way: The well-worn NFL Draft Trade Value chart places a point value on each pick for the purpose of evaluation trades. Look at these numbers:


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