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“One of the reasons that I feel comfortable being here,” Jenkins said, “is because of my relationship with Jeff Lurie and understanding that I do feel valued and respected.”

Jenkins declined to give specifics on what transpired during his meeting with Lurie, but he did confirm various aspects, and with help from sources close to the situation, a sharper picture emerged.

Lurie and Jenkins have developed a bond over the last five years, partly because of the latter’s social activism and work in the Philly community, but mostly because of the former’s appreciations for the veteran’s contributions on the field and in the locker room.

The last time they had a safety of similar importance, and it was time to do business, the Eagles bungled it, and Brian Dawkins left. Lurie was sensitive to repeating the misstep, not only because of optics but also because the team had a significant void at the position until Jenkins arrived in 2014.

But as much as he wanted to appease one of his leaders, Lurie had to make it clear to Jenkins why he wasn’t a priority.

The Eagles were close to coming to terms on a mega-extension with quarterback Carson Wentz. But even when that box was checked off, others would take precedence.

If the team was to rework Jenkins’ contract, other players would justifiably follow and knock on general manager Howie Roseman’s door, Lurie explained to Jenkins.

“Probably two,” Jenkins said of the players.

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