By Max Harper

DeVonta Smith snagged eight Jalen Hurts passes Sunday for 169 yards and one TD.

“That’s who he is. He’s a great, all-around player. Slim Reaper,” Hurts said.

“By the eyes, he may be a little sly, but he plays like a big boy and he is. He is a grown man.”

And here’s what Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said yesterday:

“At the end of the day, we could have done those drills with them till we were blue in the face, or not done them at all. But DeVonta is going to make that play because DeVonta’s a heck of a football player and Jalen put the ball where it needed to be and DeVonta went up and got it. That was super impressive and an outstanding play.

“I think one thing you see about DeVonta is that he’s going to catch the ball, right? He’s really outstanding of just catching the football in different body positions, whether it’s the over-the-shoulder catch he made that kind of got us started or the post that he caught in the middle of the field at the end of the first half in traffic or it was the jump ball type play that he made to score the touchdown. He just does a phenomenal job of making those different types of catches because of the hands that he has.”

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