By Annie Ross

For those of you who don’t follow sports talk radio in this town, which has a tenuous connection to the commission of journalism, yesterday’s Gabe Kapler/Matt Klentak presser was especially insightful.

There were the Phillies manager and general manager answering questions about why legendary manager Charlie Manuel was being brought back as hitting coach.

Most journos peppered the pair with relevant questions.

But not Howard Eskin, the embarrassing WIP blowhard for whom every presser is a moment for him to strut his silly stuff.

As a sidelight, it should be mentioned that in 2006, Eskin got into a shouting match with Manuel, whose normally mild-mannered temperament was stretched by Eskin’s idiotic questions.

Yes, Eskin showed yet again why no one takes him seriously (transcript courtesy of Crossing Broad):

Eskin: Matt and Gabe, there’s now a growing perception in this city, and Gabe you’ll understand why I ask this question, that Charlie Manuel will be ‘more’ if this team is successful, more than a hitting coach if this team is successful the rest of the year. I don’t know if that undermines Gabe as the manager. Can you address that? And Gabe, something I saw on social media, which is not social and it’s not media, but I have to ask it – that you thought Charlie should have been removed as the manager in 2013. That’s the second part of the question.

Klentak: First of all, you’ll have to ask Charlie this tomorrow, but Charlie is going to work for us another seven weeks and hopefully into October in this capacity. Charlie’s been very valuable to us in the role he’s in. I am super appreciative that he’s stepping up for this role for the remainder of the season but this is not a role that is likely to extend beyond 2019. I hope that we achieve such success in the final part of the season and into October that that becomes a lingering topic of conversation Howard, but this is very much a short term assignment.

Eskin: Gabe, how do you feel about that perception in the city.

Kapler: I think it’s great. It’s always going to be nice to have somebody who has had success in this market, both as a manager and in many other capacities, to be able to pick his brain. We always want more resources and Charlie’s a great resource. I look forward to having the opportunity.

Eskin: The other part of that question, about 2013 –

Kapler: I have no idea where that comes from.

Eskin: I wanted to address that because tomorrow morning it’s going to come out, it’s already come out so I just wanted to have you address it. That’s all.

Kapler: I’m not sure what that’s about.

Eskin: Okay, I’m just following up.

Kapler: Great, thank you.

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