By Peter Gleason

Little did we know, but Donald Trump, who often brags that he got a great education from the Wharton School of Finance — BTW, he never mentions that it is part of the University of Pennsylvania, what’s up with that Trump-o! — also got his start playing golf in Philly, as Jaime Diaz’s Q and A in Golf Digest informs us:

What about municipal’s like Cobb’s Creek in Philadelphia, where you yourself first began to play game seriously paying $10-$15 a round?

I used to play for even less than that at other public courses. I think those entry points are OK. But I see so much emphasis on getting young people to play the game, and once they get a little bit older they’ll never play. But once they become successful, they will be able to play. And they’ll aspire to play. So it’s good to give them a touch at the beginning, but I just think that you know, golf is not an inexpensive game, whether we like it or not. I just think for golf to be truly successful, it’s got to be more of an aspirational game then they are talking about right now.

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