By Sarah Pauley

Angelo Cataldi has been a noxious influence on Philly sports from his perch in the morning on WIP for longer than I care to remember.

Every morning he bellows with his New England accent (really, how long does it take to adapt to a Philly accent!!!) about his views on the Sixers, Eagles, Phils and whatever he thinks will piss people off.

He is a terrible interviewer, who cozies up to subjects whom his station pays and pisses on those who come on just to gab without paying.

Check it out next time.

Thank God he is retiring.

The Philly Business Journal’s Jeff Blumenthal spoke with new WIP Brand Manager Rod Lakin about Cataldi’s 2022 departure and replacement:

…what I always say is that nobody replaces Angelo.

Angelo is a once in a lifetime type talent. He’s a one of a kind of personality that can never be replicated. Trying to replicate Angelo Cataldi is a failure strategy to begin with.

So the job really is to create a product in the morning drive that can adhere to the standards that Angelo created. So that’s kind of job one. And in terms of looking around the [Philadelphia] market, I’m listening to a lot of different things.

We have a great lineup at WIP with a lot of great internal people as well. So I’m just taking it all in. But to your question about the enormity of the responsibility? I don’t feel that. I feel like I have a responsibility to WIP to continue the great work that’s been done. And longterm, we have a long time to kind of build out this plan. And it’s an exciting opportunity for any programmer.

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