By Harry Allison

Ronnie Lott knows something about defending receivers in the NFL and he knows something about Eagles newbie WR Nelson Agholor.

If Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was searching for a replacement for wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency earlier this spring, Hall of Fame safety Lott, who covers the Pac-12 on TV, believes that he found a good one in the 6-foot-1, 190 pound USC product.

“He’s a younger version of Jeremy Maclin,” Lott said during a appearance with Anthony Gargano and Jon Marks on 97.5 FM The Fanatic on Friday morning. “Probably a little stronger. Maybe a little more elusive. He’s definitely a guy that can do all of the same things as well as he’s a guy that will be able to take the ball the distance.

“I think it was a good pickup. Especially losing someone like Maclin, you have a guy that’s a lot younger. A guy that’s going to be really enthusiastic and he’s going to fit in your payroll even better than it would have with Jeremy Maclin’s contract.”

Agholor’s statistics and big play ability for the Trojans almost speak for themselves after collecting 178 receptions for 2,572 yards and 20 touchdowns in his three-year collegiate career.

However, Lott also sees some traits that will be coveted by Kelly in Algholor’s game.

“Another thing I like about him to … He’s a great blocker. You have to be able as a receiver to understand that there’s going to be moments that you’re going ot have to be able to come down and crack on that defensive end. You’re going to get in the way of the linebacker. You have to do those dirty things. He’s able to do those dirty things as well.

“He didn’t have a quarterback who was a top quarterback when he was coming into his junior year. He knew that he had to continue to compete. Continue to get better. He knew that the young man was a freshman and he was learning the game. You saw him dealing with a young quarterback, that you’re not used to seeing.”

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