By Peter Marx

Sixers big boss Daryl Morey went out of his way to endorse coach Doc Rivers coming back next season at their day-after-disaster presser when they got bounced from the playoffs by the Heat.

In fact, they sat next to one another and seemed chummy as all hell.

However, remember that Morey did not hire Rivers, and in the NBA things change.

Rivers is expected to meet with the Sixers’ brass in the coming days to discuss his future and to see if the sides are aligned, per ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

“Here’s what you need to watch for in the next few days in Philadelphia,” Wojnarowski said on NBA Countdown.

“When they start to sit down on what it’s going to look like moving forward, what are the changes they have to make? Whether it’s personnel, style of play. Are they all on the same page? Do they all see the future [similarly]? Are they aligned in that way?

A team keeping a close eye on how that situation unfolds is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are still in search of a head coach after firing Frank Vogel at the end of the season.

“The Lakers loom out there. They have slow-played their coaching search. They have waited to see is there’s an established veteran, championship perhaps even, coach in the marketplace. It’s not Nick Nurse. It’s not Quin Snyder. So I think they’ll continue to wait to see what happens in Philadelphia with Doc Rivers,” Wojnarowski said.

“I think in a perfect world Doc Rivers stays in Philadelphia. He wants to win a championship. That’s a team that is still closer to that than perhaps what the Lakers’ roster would suggest right now,” Wojnarowski said.

“But I think the conversations in Philly now with Doc and the team are going to be important. I don’t think there was ever really any question on whether Philly wanted him back. The idea he would get fired was farfetched. Let’s see what happens when they sit and talk about the future.”

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