By Michael Bennett

The Sixers’ offseason is getting high praise all over the country, with the possible exception of Inky fool Bob Brookover, who has doubled down on his idiotic view that moving up to draft Markelle Fultz was a mistake!

Here’s Sports Illustrated’s take:

It really can’t be overstated how well they did this summer. In Markelle Fultz they found the perfect guard to play next to Ben Simmons, and they gave up less than expected in the deal with Boston. Bryn Colangelo even demanded a top-1 protection on the pick he sent to Boston—a clear sign that Sixers internet has infected his brain—and somehow the Celtics agreed. All of it was shocking.

Then, rather than overreact to the sudden ground swell of optimism and playoff whispers, the Sixers made short-term bets on J.J. Redick and Amir Johnson (above) that will support their young stars while keeping the team flexible for next summer and beyond. Redick is a perfect player to compliment what they already have, and while he’s not the one who’ll make them a playoff team—that would be Embiid if he’s healthy—he’ll make life much easier for Fultz and Simmons as they play their first year in the NBA. The Fultz ankle injury at Summer League was a good reminder to proceed with caution when it comes to any and all Sixers expectations. But still. This was a great summer for a team that was due for good news.

Grade: A

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