By Michael Donovan

Hey T. O., get a mirror!

Terrell Owens had a Hall of Fame career and at least one great yeas as an Eagles receiver in 2004. But he melted down in ’05 and the Eagles got rid of him and his wondrous talents.

And, for reasons passing understanding, T. O. regurgitates his time in Philly for anyone who will invite him to:

On Wednesday, “The Meat Locker” on 97.5 the Fanatic asked:

“I don’t know how much say, so he had in it, but I think if it were up to him it probably would have happened,” Owens said. “I think it was largely due to Donovan. I think he had a lot of input to it as well. I didn’t have any bad feelings towards Donovan. I loved playing with Donovan. There were a couple of incidents where I felt there was some disrespect and I tried to go to him man to man and talk about it.”

So who got rid of him?

Not coach Andy Reid. Owens said he felt that then General Manager Joe Banner didn’t want to set a precedent for other players who may have wanted to redo their contracts.

“A lot of people that thought that I tried to negotiate my contract publicly, that’s not what I did,” Owens said. “They used that against me understanding all of the hoopla that happened in San Francisco. They leaked it out to the media that I was griping about the contract. I tried to do it behind closed doors. Drew [Rosenhaus] tried to do that, but it got out that I was trying to demand something. I wanted to do it as amicably as possible. It was just a matter of them being stingy.”

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