By Max Harper

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni took a bullet for the special teams on today’s WIP seance:

“We just have to be better,” Sirianni said.

“That starts with us as coaches, putting them in position to make a play. I’m the head football coach of this team. If there’s an issue on special teams, that starts with me. If there’s an issue on defense, it starts with me. I’m not the offensive coordinator, I’m not the offensive coach, I’m the head coach. So it’s my job, first and foremost, nobody else’s job, to get the things right on special teams.

“We’ll be in there working like crazy today, obviously anytime you give up three big returns like we did yesterday, you’ve got to look yourself in the mirror and you’ve got to have hard conversations with yourself and you’ve got to put all your ego aside, whatever it is, and just say the only thing that matters right here is getting better.

“We accept the responsibility that it wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t to our standard and how do we get better. The answers aren’t hiding from us, the answers are right there, smack dab on the tape for us to get better from it. We’ve just got to make sure we dig like crazy and scratch like crazy to find them.”

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