By Helen Fisher

The Eagles were reportedly flirting with the idea of trading for crackpot cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Well, NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Seth Joyner has some thoughts:

“He stood in front of that camera and said, ‘All I care about is winning.’ Well, why the hell did you show up at training camp this year in a Brink’s armored truck acting like you wanted a new contract? If all you cared about is winning, then play under your contract and get your money when it’s time for you to get your money, and do what you have to do.

“The other thing is, what you say doesn’t match up. When you look at this culture, when you look at the locker room, he doesn’t fit here. … One of the reasons he wants out of Jacksonville is because they play too much zone. He wants to be a shutdown corner, up on their No. 1 so he can become the highest-paid cornerback. That reeks of selfishness to me in every regard. And we are not a man team like that. You think he’s going to want to come here and play this zone scheme? People better wake up and understand that what guys say and how they react to situations, that’s really who they are.”

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