By Art Beitchman

Here is our selection for Sixers’ all-time second team. We will roll out the third team tomorrow:


Charles Barkley — Sir Charles is the shortest player (6’4″ 3/4) to ever win the NBA rebounding title. A monster in the paint area, Chuck played for the Sixers from 1984 before being traded to Phoenix in 1992, and he played with a burning fire rage the first game of his 16-year career to the last. The only thing missing from Charles resume is a championship ring.

Chet Walker — Chet the Jet Walker was an unsung hero in the 76ers battles for NBA title in the ‘60s. With an array of head and shoulder fakes, Chet could get his deadly jump shot off on anybody. A seven time all-star, Walker started for the ’67 Championship team, contributing 17 points and nine rebounds per game. Made the playoffs every year. (’62-’75).


Moses Malone (above) — As Doctor J stated after the 76ers traded for Moses, “We went out and paid cold cash for a hard hat”. Big Mo was that, and a lot more. From jump street Moses pounded the backboard for the Sixers, led them to 65 victories during the 1982-83 regular season, and then the fun began.

Malone brashly predicted the 76ers would win the NBA title in “FO, FO, FO” games, once the playoffs began. He was off by one. But when the NBA finals began against the LA Lakers, Moses fi, fied ,fo, fummed his way through the Lakers with an amazing display of power and finesse as the 76ers swept the Lakers for the ’83 NBA title. He snapped off 24 rebounds in game 4, and was named series and league MVP. A member of the Basketball Hall of fame.


Maurice Cheeks — Mo is probably the best natural point guard the 76ers ever had. A fabulous on the ball defender, he had quick hands and never took plays off. Cheeks ran the fast break as well is anybody who ever played for the Sixers.

Andrew Toney — A deadly jump shot was his trademark. Also was explosive to the basket, with an array of moves. Larry Bird dubbed Toney “The Celtic Killer”. Bird also said that Toney was the only player that he truly feared on a basketball court. Injuries cut short Andrew’s career, or he might have ended up in Springfield, Mass.


Alex Hannum — Only coached the 76ers for two seasons, but made the best of them with 68 victories, and the NBA Title in 1967 and 62 victories the next year. Hannum was able to convince Wilt Chamberlain to shoot the ball less, trust his all-star cast. It produced the greatest champion in NBA history.

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