By Peter Gleason

If you have been listening to Philly talk radio the past couple of days, God help you!

Blowhard hosts and know-nothing callers all have a prescription to solve the Eagles’ woes, and one caller even suggested bringing back Tim Tebow!

They would have to fundamentally alter the game itself if they really, truly want to make it easier for Terrible Tim, so that teams are therefore less dependent on excellent quarterbacking.

Here are some obvious ways of doing that, courtesy of our friends at

  • Outlaw tackling the quarterback.
  • Cap pass attempts per team per game.
  • Outlaw all pre-snap shifts and motions for the offense AND defense. When you break the huddle, you go to your spot, and you stay there.
  • Allow the QB to keep his radio on DURING gameplay, so he can take direction from an offensive coordinator who sees something he can’t.
  • Make quarterbacks exempt from the salary cap and add extra roster slots for developmental quarterbacks who would be ineligible to play for the time being. Give every team a quarterback R&D lab, essentially.
  • Give the quarterback a fucking gun.
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