By Lewis Gould

So, Ben Simmons, what have you been doing all summer?

Aside from hanging out with Kendall Jenner, that is.

You had a fab rookie season with the Sixers, averaging 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 8.2 assists, en route to a 52-30 record — their best win total since 2001.

And you made Rookie of the Year.

But let’s be honest:

Your jump shot is missing in action.

You didn’t make a single 3-pointer, missing all 11 of his attempts from beyond the arc, all of which were last-second heaves.

But even aside from 3s, you just simply didn’t take many jump shots period.

It’s good that you have stated that improving your jumper was one of the main things he worked on this offseason.


But like his teammates, coaches, management, and fans, Simmons wants more in year two. His off-season regimen was structured accordingly, with free throw and jump shooting being key points of emphasis.

“You’ve got to start slowly,” said Simmons, who shot 56.0 percent from the foul line, and scored 80.4 percent of his points in the point (fifth-most in the NBA). “If it’s adding a free throw that gets up to 80.0 percent, that’s about five more points right there. If you add little things and keep adding over time, that’s how you become great.”

In respect to his jumper, Simmons noted on the Fanatic that there’s not only value to makes, but takes.

“If you take [jump shots], [teams] give you a little bit more respect, and you’re able to make more moves and dissect the defense,” Simmons said. “This summer, I’ve been working a lot on certain things that I’ll definitely use.”


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