Who were the Top 5 English Premier League Clubs in 2022?

Since its inception in the mid-19th century, football has grown to become the biggest sport in the world.

In England, where the modern iteration of the game was created, the sport is undoubtedly the most popular. English clubs tend to be some of the biggest, best and most popular clubs in the world.

Naturally, when you have a country filled with top tier clubs, a competition that pins all of them together is going to become huge. And in the 1990s one such competition came to be. The English Premier League sees all of England’s best clubs go head-to-head, competing for the title of the country’s best.

The EPL is one of the most popular national leagues (if not the most popular). It is watched not just in England or the UK, but all around the world. Betting sites from every region cover the matches of the EPL, and is one of the most popular of them all.

But just who are the clubs that everyone’s betting on? In this article, we take a look at the top 5 clubs of the 2021/2022 English Premier League.

Manchester City

For the second year in a row, Manchester City managed to play their way to the top. They won the EPL trophy and defeated their city rivals and England’s most popular team, Manchester United on two different occasions. This year’s victory cinches Manchester City’s 6th title in the Premier League.


Coming in at second place, Liverpool managed to stand next to Manchester City as one of the best of 2021/22. The Reds have won a single Premier League title in the past, only two years ago. However, they have rarely fallen out of the top 5 in the League. The club holds the record for most League Cups won with 9, and are far and wide considered one of England’s best clubs.


Holding the Bronze in 2022 are the Blues from Fulham. Chelsea played beautifully in their 38 games. However, their 6 losses kept them from advancing further than 3rd place. Still with 21 victories, Chelsea stands among the top 3 best teams of the 2021/22 season.

Tottenham Hotspur

Ranked four is the London-based team, Tottenham Hotspur. Their placement is a marked improvement from the previous season where they were ranked 7th (still in the top 10). Though they managed 22 victories, they took too many losses. With 11 matches lost, it was hard to hope for a top three placement. Still, Hotspur fans are hopeful that the next season will be even better for the Lilywhites.


Last on our list, we have the Gunners. Previously in their career, Arsenal have won three premier league titles. In the 2021/22 season, they still prove that they are one of the top-of-the-top teams, by placing in the top 5. Like Tottenham, Arsenal managed 22 victories. However, they also lost 13 matches, making it pretty much impossible for the club to be ranked any higher.

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