By Mark Gallagher

The Sixers got their doors blown off Monday night by the heat in Miami, 137-106, and you didn’t have to look too closely to notice that they had no energy and no interest in listening to coach Brett Brown.

After practice yesterday Brown was asked if the players have tuned him out..

“You’d be better off asking them,” Brown said. “When you speak to them, speak freely, and I understand the question. … I’m not naive enough [not] to understand why you have asked what you have asked. But I answered it the way I answered it. I look forward to coaching them. When it gets to an epidemic stage, this thing you are talking about, I’ll admit that. I don’t [see that] at all right now.”

“This is what I’m worried about: I’m worried about going to Milwaukee and feeling proud to coach the team,” he said. “That we competed in a way that they usually do compete. We are the fourth-best defensive team in the NBA. That’s where I am at. … My job is to coach this team and to get them playing at a level they should be playing.”

“We haven’t been winning,” center Joel Embiid said. “Our offense has not been good. But I always say, coaches aren’t out there to make shots for us. They don’t make plays.”

Embiid noted that the coaches can do a better job of setting things up. But, he added, the players are the ones who have to make the plays.

“From time to time, you don’t know what you are getting,” Embiid said. “I don’t know if I am going into the game and if I am getting the ball or not.

“But I should never [let it] affect anything. It starts on defense. We still got to do our job. Even if it’s not getting the ball some nights. You still got to go hard. You see I got to go out and play hard.”

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