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The Sixers announced yesterday they will be sitting star center Joel Embiid for at least a week due to knee soreness.

Here is the thing, though: 76ers head coach Brett Brown says that Embiid’s knee soreness is nothing new.

As a matter of fact, Brown said that the team has been aware of the issue for “a few weeks now.”

Uh, what?

So let me get this straight: you knew that Embiid was experiencing pain in the same knee in which he had an operation to repair a torn meniscus two years ago, and you allowed him to play?

Not just that, but remember: The Sixers were also allowing Embiid to play through a back injury recently in spite of the center’s incredibly checkered history with back problems.

That begs the question: what are the Sixers doing?

As talented as Ben Simmons is, Embiid is their franchise player. He is an incredibly gifted big man who plays both ends of the floor and can take over a game at moment’s notice.

He turns just 25 years old next month, so he will likely be a cornerstone for the 76ers for quite some time.

So why is Philly throwing him out on the court if he is hurt?

Before anyone puts some blame on Embiid, you need to understand that he is professional athlete. Professional athletes are hyper-competitive and will want to play no matter what, so if the team says it’s okay, you bet he is going to get on the floor.

This isn’t on Embiid; this is all on the 76ers organization for treating Embiid like a commodity than a person.

Why didn’t the 76ers sit Joel Embiid sooner?

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