By Jack Ryan

Eagle quarterback Tim Tebow has his detractors, but:

Count former Eagle, Super Bowl champion coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Ditka as one of his biggest fans!

“If I was coaching today I would acquire Tim Tebow, too,” Ditka told Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis on 97.5 the Fanatic on Wednesday.

“I’d find places to use him on my football team. I think players like Tim Tebow are good for sports. Good for football. Good for our country.

“He has character. You can’t buy character. A lot of people say they have it, but they don’t when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. You’ve got a guy right there who will be there right til the end.

“I’m not saying he’s the most talented guy. But, you can get a lot of productivity out of him in some areas. I think Chip will use him properly. That’s all.

“There’s always a place on your football team for character. You’re gonna have a lot of spots on your team that don’t have it, so you can afford to keep a guy that has that kind of character. If the game of sport is all about talent, you have to have people that are good in a lot of areas.

“I’m not saying you can win a championship with a guy who is a marginal passer, but I think he has the talent. If I was Chip, I would find out what that talent is. I know what he’ll do … He’ll try to use him. He’ll try to use Tebow to the way he can best help the Eagles.”

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