By Harry Allison

The Giants took a 21-10 lead in the fourth quarter after a few bizarre Eagles decisions.

The Birds trailed 14-10 in the fourth quarter and Carson Wentz’s third-and-goal run was stopped at the 2-yard line.

The Eagles went for it on fourth down.

That decision wasn’t bad.

The play call was bad.

Phenomenally bad.

The Eagles threw a fade to Hakeem Butler, who hadn’t played a snap of offense this season before last night and had never caught an NFL pass.

The pass was incomplete and the Eagles turned it over on downs.

Then on the next drive, Doug Pederson wanted to challenge a play that resulted in a Giants first down inside the Eagles’ 5-yard line. It seemed Sterling Shepard was down before the first-down marker. But Pederson waited too long, the Giants ran a play and even though Pederson threw the challenge flag it was too late. Instead of fourth-and-1, the Giants got a first down and ended up with a touchdown from Shepard.

“I think for sure he wins the challenge,” Fox officiating expert Mike Pereira said on the broadcast. “But, that’s the determination he’s got to make quicker. Nobody is going to be looking at him … he has to throw it earlier. Big play, because he would have won that challenge.”

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