By Harry Allison

The media covering the Eagles always try to catch coach Chip Kelly in a misstatement, overstatement or inconsistency.

It’s amazing.

They still haven’t gotten the memo that Andy Reid has left the building!

In the wake of the Birds’ 33-10 pummeling of the Turkey Cowboys on Thanksgiving, what is the pack in a snit about?

The shouting match between Mark Sanchez and Riley Cooper on the sidelines last Thursday.

Kelly knew exactly why Cooper and Sanchez were arguing with one another before a red zone snap.

“What they were going to eat for Thanksgiving after the game,” he told reporters.

“Guys yell at guys all the time,” Kelly added. “I don’t know whether that’s a big deal. You could catch someone yelling at somebody probably on every play.”

Basically, that was his way of saying that he put no stock into the moment of discord. Are we at all surprised Kelly didn’t give a second thought to this question?

“That’s not a big deal. I think we weren’t in the right formation, we were trying to get lined up. Coop wasn’t the guy who wasn’t lined up right; there were other guys who weren’t lined up the right way … I think you guys are making way too much out of it.”

As interested as we are in seeing Sanchez becoming more demonstrative and, in turn, a little more comfortable in Kelly’s offense, it’s more interesting to see the way the players around him respond. He is 3-1 as a starting quarterback with a fourth win in relief against the Texans, so something must be working.