By Art Beitchman

Soon after the gutless NFL made the inane ruling to postpone Sunday’s game with the team from Washington, Birds CB Darius Slay jumped on Twitter with this comment:

“Damn I thought the team would have to forfeit!! This is crazy.”

Yes it is.

The NFL announced definitively and clearly before the season that teams that flaunted this COVID-19 policy would pay dearly, lost games, no payment for the whole team that violated this safety rule.

But the first time it was to be instituted they caved in and had the game moved to Tuesday. Now the culprits get off scot free, and the Eagles pay a huge price forcing them to play 3 games in 13 days versus division opponents that could decide who makes the playoffs, weak on many levels.

Worse yet, loyal Bird fans who can’t make it on Tuesday night at 7pm have to sell these tickets, or are forced to eat them, courtesy of the NFL’s backtracking of the rule they put in place.

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