Mike Sielski demonstrated that he and his paper are anti-Philly business:

If Philadelphia has an official deli sandwich, it’s the hoagie, and if Philadelphia has an official hoagie, it’s the Wawa hoagie.

Just Tuesday morning, 150 Wawa workers assembled and distributed 22,000 Shorti hoagies to the public on Independence Mall. It was the company’s annual Hoagie Day, and the event was part of the lead-up to Philadelphia’s celebration of July 4, and the Shortis were free.

So it was understandable that one of the most historically significant sites in the country, let alone the city, would be transformed into the terrestrial equivalent of a sharking chum line. But this wasn’t a one-time thing, a strange or unusual scene.

Around here, the affection for the Wawa hoagie has long been a point of civic pride, a mark of whether you’re a true Philadelphian or just a poser who’ll happily set foot into a Sheetz, and I don’t get it.