By Steve Kelly

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has failed spectacularly in the past year:

He ran for president and flamed out. He hoped and prayed to be chosen President Trump’s attorney general and he was spurned. He then made known that he wanted to run the Republican National Committee — free first-class travel and all the donuts you can eat! No thanks, Chris.

Now it looks like he’ll have to settle to be a radio blowhard on New York’s WFAN.

He was on today, and when the subject turned to the bizarre back-and-forth between Phillies and Mets fans over the use of Tug McGraw’s ‘Ya Gotta Believe’ slogan, Christie sounded off on the Phillies and atmosphere at Citizens Bank Park.

“The Phillies suck,” Christie said. “Let’s just start with that. They’re from Philadelphia. They’re an awful team. They’re an angry, bitter fan base and it’s not safe for civilized people to go to Citizens Bank Park if you want to root for the other team. Ya gotta Believe what? Ya gotta believe we’re awful people!”

Those comments come just a month after Christie called out Eagles fans.

“The hostility, I will tell you that I take for being a Cowboys fan … ” Christie said. “Now Eagles fans I understand it a little more. They suck and they’ve sucked for a long time. And their fans are generally–generally–angry, awful people.”

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