Brandon Graham got to Romo in the third quarter for one of the Eagles’ four sacks.

By Lewis Gould

Among this year’s most ridiculous comments was Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones comparing Tony Romo and his essence to that of LeBron James.

Big difference:

James is the greatest basketball player in the world with two championship rings and Romo is a world-class choker, especially when the games really count.

Such as yesterday.

benchDallas QB Romo was sacked four times (for a combined loss of 25 yards), the most since Arizona sacked him five times on Nov. 2. These weren’t coverage sacks, either. Each time an Eagles player was in his face before he had a chance to look downfield. Romo finished with 199 yards on 18 of 29 passing with two interceptions and a season-low 53.7 quarterback rating.

“When we watch tape, we are going to see that we did not block well enough, we did not catch well enough, and we did not throw well enough,” Romo said. “Today was a good example of us allowing them to dictate that to us. Sometimes you can overcome those things if your defense plays great or your special teams creates some plays. We just didn’t have enough things to overcome another area.”

The offensive line, which has clearly improved over recent seasons, has occasionally struggled to provide consistent protection. After allowing a season high five sacks against the Redskins on Oct. 27, the line rebounded to hold its next three opponents to a combined four sacks. But the Eagles, perhaps taking advantage of Romo’s less-than fully rested back, exploited their edge up front.

“I think you’ve got to give Philadelphia a lot of credit, but their defensive front was outstanding and really frustrated us and frustrated Romo, and really even though we were able to successfully run, we did miss those three third-and-shorts that were pretty significant as the game wore along,” Cowboys owner Jones said.

Can an offensive line get into a slump as a unit?

“I don’t know if I’ve heard of that,” Cowboys center Travis Frederick said. “That’s a great question. I’m not sure I can answer that.”

The Eagles’ defense didn’t throw a bunch of stuff at them they weren’t expecting either, Frederick said.

“They followed the game plan and did what they’ve done in the past,” he said. “You can’t become stagnant at the end of the year because everybody is getting better and there’s a lot of good players out there.”

“We’ve got the games left to play, and we just need to be thankful, if about anything, that we’ve got more games to play,” Jones said.

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