By Mary Cunningham

The Eagles have started the 2015 season 1-3 with the New Orleans Saints coming up at the Linc this Sunday.

But even if they were 4-0 on the brink of 5-0 the rumors about Eagles Supreme Leader Chip Kelly would never stop.

And that’s because the Conventional Wisdom media have pigeon-holed Kelly as a college coach who is in over his head in the pros. And that’s because he went 46-7 in four years at Oregon.

So, in the wake of last night’s 17-12 Washington victory over USC, some bubblehead with an imagination who happens to write for USA Today has joined in:

Though Chip Kelly is reportedly committed to seeing it through with the Philadelphia Eagles, there would not be a more perfect marriage between team and coach than jumping to the Trojans.

If Kelly could dominate the Pac-12 at Oregon, there is no ceiling on what he could do at USC.

The NCAA penalties that would have made it difficult for a college to hire him are over. When Kelly inevitably returns to the college game, he will instantly have the credibility and cachet to recruit at an even higher level than he ever achieved at Oregon. With the amount of skill in Southern California, USC would instantly return to its rightful place as the most feared program west of Texas.

And given a roster loaded with talented players starving for coaching competence, it wouldn’t take long for USC to get back in national title contention.

Thursday showed that this USC season is all but over. The Trojans’ administration needs to dedicate the rest of it to convincing Kelly that he’d be better off at a true college blueblood than floundering in the NFL.

Kelly is a misfit with the Eagles. He’d be a perfect fit at USC.

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