By Ben Sullivan

The notion of the long-suffering football widow seems about as dated as Don Draper’s three martini lunch.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fox Sports is taking some heat for a new ad. It portrays a wife who is extremely frustrated that her husband sits on the couch all day on Saturday watching endless college football on Fox.

The ad has been criticized as being sexist and cliché. It fails to take into account that women are watching football, college and pro, more than ever.

Also, there has been a glut of college football on Saturday on something called ESPN long before Fox decided to dive in. This is not a new development.

Richard Deitsch, media critic for Sports Illustrated, tweeted: “College football is abt. passion, tradition, faith. That FS1 ad is about marital discontent & also implies women are not fans. Brutal.”

Another tweeter noted that Fox blurred the wife flashing the middle finger, but fully showed the image of her pretending to shoot a gun.

Yet despite some of the uproar, Fox could argue the ad is a success. By Friday morning, it had more than 236,000 views on youtube.

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