By David F. Cohen

You know the Eagles are being taken seriously by other teams, but the real sign of their success is that the TV networks are battling to get their games on their air down the stretch.

So it should come as no surprise that when given the opportunity, FOX — which broadcasts the NFC games — staked their claim on coach Chip Kelly’s 5-1 team.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, FOX has blocked the NFL from flexing two of the Eagles remaining games — their trip to Green Bay in Week 11, and their home game against Seattle in 14.

The Eagles and Seattle were the only two teams to have more than one game blocked by FOX. Green Bay had a game blocked by both FOX and CBS.

With those two games now unable to be flexed, it is unlikely the Eagles will have a game moved to primetime this season. Here is a look at their remaining schedule:

Week 8: at Arizona (not flexed)
Week 9: at Houston (unlikely)
Week 10: vs. Carolina (Monday Night Football)
Week 11: at Green Bay (blocked)
Week 12: vs. Titans (unlikely)
Week 13: at Dallas (Thanksgiving)
Week 14: vs. Seattle (blocked)
Week 15: vs. Dallas (Sunday Night Football)
Week 16: at Washington (Saturday)
Week 17: at New York Giants

The only remaining Eagles game that pops out as a possibility to be flexed is their season finale in New York, but with the Giants possibility out of the race by then, the division title might have already been sealed up by either the Eagles or Dallas at that point.

Even with the two games blocked, the Eagles will play six games in some form of primetime this season.

Last season, the Eagles had two games flexed into primetime — their Week 16 matchup against Chicago, and their Week 17 matchup against Dallas.


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