By Sam Bush

Former Flyer great Eric Lindros has recently made peace with the orange and black even though then-general manager Bobby Clarke treated him like dirt and traded him

But Lindros seems to be having trouble giving up his negativity toward one NHL ref from 20 years ago.

Last July, former NHL referee Paul Stewart wrote a column for Huffington Post which included a story about then-Flyers rookie Lindros being an asshole to Stewart. Lindros is now suing Stewart and the Huffington Post for defamation.

The former NHLer has reportedly filed a lawsuit in Ontario court asking for $2 million in general damages and $1 million in aggravated damages, according to TSN. Lindros claims that he was never hostile towards Stewart, and he never ripped up Stewart’s posters he planned to sell for charity.

From the report:

“The statement that Lindros did not want a rapport with Stewart is false and makes Lindros out to be unfriendly or hostile,” Lindros’s lawyers wrote in his pleadings.


“The statement that Lindros refused to sign posters intended for a charity auction, and more shockingly, tore them up because they were solicited by Stewart is false and makes Lindros out to be unfriendly, hostile, rude, insulting, vindictive, cruel, uncharitable and generally a despicable person.”

Stewart and Huffington Post Canada managing editor Kenny Yum had no comment.